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Docufi3d is more than just signing
With our fully automated KYC you get a reusable digital identity at the highest level, that you can store and reuse with our IAMX Wallet. Using docufi3d you can sign anytime and anywhere.
360° Secure
Utilizes advanced blockchain technology to ensure the highest level of document security and signer identity verification.
Identities Verified
Integrates a reusable KYC check that is fully compliant with financial regulatory standards, ensuring stringent adherence to legal requirements
Fast & Agile
Drastically enhances processing speed, accelerating signature handling by tenfold, which can be critical in time-sensitive business operations.
Worlwide Compliant
Meets the compliance needs for various jurisdictions, including GDPR and financial market authorities, making it a globally applicable solution.
Customer Focused
Offers considerable advantages such as faster processing for users and cost reductions for companies, alongside compliance and data security features that benefit all stakeholders.
Cost Efficient
Achieves a significant reduction in costs, slashing expenses associated with the signature process up to 90%.
Upload, invite and sign in no-time
The easiest way to sign documents with the highest requirement standards.
Select Document
Select a document and upload it to Docufi3d.
Invite Signers
Sign the document yourself and/or invite your colleagues, partners and customers to sign.
Get Signatures
In just a few seconds, your document is signed in a legally binding way – regardless of the location of the signers.
A flexible solution for your individual need
We don’t want to let you pay more than you need.
That’s why we have a pay-per-use model instead of a subscription model.
No hidden cost - full flexibility and transparency.
Fix Costs per Signature

1,00 € per signature
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Made with love in Germany
Docufi3d is a product of Docufi3d UG and IAMX AG and supported by members and communities.